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Like GAST Air Motor, The motor is driving a common and widely used is the use of electricity and is often referred to as electro motors. In most applications of electro motors are considered not to represent possible because special applications such demanding applications banned the flow of electricity and perhaps because of ambient temperature extremes above 60 degrees Celsius. Therefore the use of a motor suitable for this is the motor water or often referred to as pneumatic motors. As with electro motors variables used in determining the model of this motor is water power (KW or HP) and RPM. while there is also a foot mounting mounting or mounting flange.


GAST Air Motor


Setting the amount of power and rotational speed of pneumatic motors can be set up easily and simply, just operate the valve to opening and closing as well as to the amount of power / tourque pneumatic motors produced simply by setting the regulator as well as the rotational speed (revolotion per minute) can be done by setting the speed control .

Air motors in terms of maintennace quite simple and can be said to be free of maintenance, as long as the use of air quality meets the standards or have passed the water treatment correctly.

GAST Air Motor - Face


In general, air motors on the market according to the standard variant is not too much in terms of power in the market are:

Power: 0:45 HP, 0.93 HP, 1.7 HP, 4 HP, 5:25 HP, 9.5 HP, and 2.5 HP
Ratio for Air Gear Motor: 15: 1, 10: 1, 20: 1, 40: 1, 60: 1,