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HARTING develops, manufactures and sells electrical and electronic connectors, device terminations, network components as well as cable harnesses for networks or machinery, or for power and data application in factories
Application for Harting Industrial Rectangular Connector. such as:

Harting Rectangular Connector


1. Machine Manufacturing
Various manufacturing machines such as machine tools, machinery for plastic processing, metal and wood processing machines, machines for the food and beverage and packaging machinery.
2. Tranportation
Widely used in trains and railway station with application for communication and other systems.
3. Factory Automatisation
Robotics systems, conveyor systems, handling equipment and assembling lines, networks and control systems both at the component that is movable and fixed assy.
4. Telecomunication
Cellular communications network infrastructure and data transmission (transmitter)
5. Energy
Used for renewable energy and conventional energy and tissue distribution of energy as in the power and power plan

The type and model of Harting connector can be divided into several groups: :

1. Industrial Connector










2. TCA Connector
3. Metric Connector
4. Multi Coaxial Connector
5. DIN 41612 Signal and Power connectors
6. Device Connectivity
7. Komponen untuk optical Data Transmission
8. Komponen Ethernet dan Kabel (Otomasi TI)
9. System cables and cable assemblies


Generally, the complete set of Harting Rectangualr Connector consist of:

1. Insert Terminal, consists of two parts: Insert Male and Female Insert with the number of contact pins varies with the number 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 16, 24, 48 to 120 depending on the needs and resistance to electric current between 10 to 35 Ampere according to requirement.

2. Hood, the container for installation of Insert Terminal which consists of two models based on the inclusion of the hood to the cable lines, namely the Top Entry (cable entry through the top of the hood) and Side Entry (cable entry through the side of the hood). It is adapted to the application in field based on the direction of connection of connector.

3. Housing, the container for installation of Insert Terminal and mounted on a panel which consists of three models, namely Surface Mounting, Bulkhead Mounting and Cable to Cable Coupling (which serves as a connection cable)

Harting Rectangular Connector-Component


Standard Model For Industrial Connector From Harting Connector :

Harting Rectangular Connector-HAN A


> 3 Contact Pins

> 10 Contact Pins

> 32 Contact Pins


> 4 Contact Pins

> 16 Contact Pins

Harting Rectangular Connector-HAN E


> 6 Contact Pins

> 10 Contact Pins

> 16 Contact Pins


> 24 Contact Pins

> 32 Contact Pins

> 48 Contact Pins

Harting Rectangular Connector-HAN EE HAN-EE SERIES  
Harting Rectangular Connector-HAN D HAN-D SERIES  
Harting Rectangular Connector-HAN ĐD HAN-DD SERIES  
Harting Rectangular Connector-HAN HsB


> 6 Contact Pins

> 12 Contact Pins



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