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  • Nanabosh Electrical Circular Connector
  • Sibas Heavy Duty Electrical Rectangular Connector
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  • Mecon Flow Meter
  • Rheonik Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
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Mecon Flow meter are an ISO-9001 (and other) certified manufacturer and solutions provider for industrial and municipal flow- and level measurement tasks.
In 2002 MECON succeded the former TURBO WERK MESSTECHNIK and built upon that company’s 75 years of German engineering tradition with new technologies and innovative product designs

Mecon Electromagnetic Flow Meter.













Our core competence lies in fluid flow and level measurement. We offer a wide variety of instruments based on mechanical as well as electromagnetic principles.
Our product offering includes field-proven value solutions. At the same time we are flexible enough to work with our customers on special fit-for-purpose design adaptations.
Our company’s proximity to Germany’s Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan areas assures quick service and delivery responses.

Mecon Electromagnetic Flow Meter


Our mag-flux electromagnetic flowmeters are based on pulsed constant field technology. This design makes mag-flux flow meters extremely robust and stable. There are no moving parts and pressure drop is avoided.


Mecon Variable Area Flow Meter


Our wide product offering in variable area metering technology includes measuring cones made of glass, pastics and metal. Optional contacts and transmitters can be supplied for some of these instruments.


Mecon Baffle Plate Flow Meter


The sensor of the F I Gardex flowmeter consists of a baffle plate on a balance beam. The baffle plate is deflected by the fluid and this movement is transmitted via the balance beam to an indicator mechanism which converts the deflection into a rotary movement of the pointer. A bellows-bushing isolates the fluid from the display unit.


Mecon Orifice Flow Meter


An orifice flowmeter primarily consists of an orifice plate as a sensor and a variable area measuring cone with a float as a display.

A pressure differential is produced across the orifice plate assembly which is fitted into the main piping. This differential pressure causes a volume flow in a bypass line containing a variable area flowmeter. The rising height of the float indicates the actual flow rate.


Mecon Flap Flow Meter


The main parts of flap flowmeter are a measuring flap which is pivoted and a metal housing.

In a no-flow situation the flap closes the pipe under its own weight. With increasing flow the flap is lifted depending on the flow velocity. The actual flowrate can be read directly on the dial. The bottom edge of the flap is the reference.


Mecon Flow Controller




Mecon Level Measurement


The sensor of our level indicators mainly consists of a standpipe and a specially designed float with a built-in magnet. The principle of communicating vessels is applied:

The medium enters the standpipe via the lower port. The level in the standpipe will always be balanced with the liquid level in the vessel and the position of the float inside the standpipe will correspond to the liquid level inside the vessel.



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