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  • Nanabosh Electrical Circular Connector
  • Sibas Heavy Duty Electrical Rectangular Connector
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Our company have incessant efforts "Nanaboshi Connectors" to occupy top rannking share. Now,these efforts had born good fruit namely each of NJC NR NET and NJW NRW NEW series various products types have been recognized by UL, CSA, DIN VDE, Standards. With these fruit, our products have stepped forward really as global products.

Connector Nanaboshi classified in two categories: type S and type G. Nanaboshi Connector only have a round shaped construction that is often referred to as circular connector. There are two main parts to the connector plug and receptacle nanaboshi are also in the field and is often referred to as electric socket or electrical socket.

Nanaboshi Products  Type


As for contact no contact of male and female contact while the contact is in the Assemblies in the insulator called inserts that there are two types, namely socket inserts and insert pin .

Nanaboshi Products


Connector nanaboshi pretty much all its variants following characteristics of the connector nanaboshi:
Contact number / pin: available from 1 to 40 contact contact
Rating of amperage: available from 5 amperes to 500 amperes
The rating of voltage: available from 125 volts to 660 volts
Matrial for shell / body: zinc alloy, Syntetic resin, aluminum alloy, Brass die casting.
Matrial insulator: Syntetic resin, epoxy resin,
Matrial contact: copper alloy with nickel finish plating, silver plating or gold plating
Finishing shell / body: crape chrome plating, Blacken (black chemical plating), chrome plating.

Nanaboshi Products  Series


Here the model or type of connector NANABOSHI

Nanaboshi NCS Series Nanaboshi NWPC Series Nanaboshi NJW-NRW Series


Nanaboshi NJC-NR Series Nanaboshi NET-NEW Series Nanaboshi NT Series



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