• Seametrics Flow Meter
  • Site Lab Ultrasonic Flow Meter
  • Siargo Gas Mass Flow Meter
  • VSE Positive Displacement Flow Meter
  • Tek Air HVAC Air Flow Meter
  • Gerand Fire Pump Test Flow Meter
  • Nanabosh Electrical Circular Connector
  • Sibas Heavy Duty Electrical Rectangular Connector
  • Daiwa Dengyo Electrical Safety Plug Connector
  • Gast Pneumatic Air Motor
  • Mecon Flow Meter
  • Rheonik Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
  • Sage Metering Thermal Mass Flow Meter

  • PHONE : 62-851-0301-9945, +62-851-0506-2090, +62-812-8208-4779
  • FAX : +62-21-8855857
  • E-MAIL : sales@wmablog.com
  • CONTACT : Ira, Kusuma Dewi, Yati, Yugo


WERMA Optical and Audible Signal Devices


WERMA Signaltechnik is one of the world's leading companies in the design and manufacture of optical and audible signal devices commonly known as beacons and sounders. The global company, based in South West Germany, sets the pace with its many innovative design solutions. Our signal devices ensure that the working environment is safe and processes efficient - whether on machines or within process systems, in the factory, in the office, or in public spaces. From signal towers, beacons and warning lights to sounders, buzzers and horns, our optical and audible and explosion proof signal devices warn and protect people throughout the world.

Werma optical signal device

MODEL/TYPE: led beacon, led obstruction light, led perm beacon BM12, flashing beacon BM10, blinking beacon, double flash beacon, monitored led perm beacon, led rotating beacon, permanent beacon RM12-WM12, rotating mirror beacon, revolving beacon
Werma signal tower
MODEL/TYPE: lead perm light multicolour, terminal element M12-BM12-BMW12-RM12, vocal element, andon box BMW100, light perm light element, led blinking light element, siren element, buzzer element, led rotating light element, connection set BMW100, vocal element, kombisign 70-71


Werma audible signal products
MODEL/TYPE: siren BMW 8 tone, buzzer BM contin, buzzer EM contin, buzzer WM contin, electronic buzzer EM 3 tone, electronic buzzer contin, multi sounder 32 tone, multi sounder BM 8 tone, multi sounder EM 8 tone, multi sounder WM 32 tone, signal horm WM contin tone, signal horm WM pulse tone, alarm bell contin tone
Werma combination optical-audible signal device
MODEL/TYPE: led flash/sounder 32 tone, horn/flash comb WM contin tone, led buzzer contin tone, led horn WM contin tone, led siren WM contin tone, buzzer/flash BM contine/pulse, buzzer/flash WM contine/pulse, led horn



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