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Pulse Splitter PS-40 Series - Seametrics

The Seametrics PS40 is a low-voltage device that allows a Seametrics fow sensor to drive multiple (up to four) pulse-responsive devices, such as solenoid-driven chemical metering pumps, counter timers, or remote totalizers. It requires an external DC power supply for operation and can provide power to a single low power Seametrics fow sensor, such as an MJE meter. It can also be used with a dry contact sensor, such as the MJR reed switch meter.

Seametrics Pulse Splitter PS40

Allows single meter to operate multiple devices

Ideal for pacing multiple metering pumps

Solid state outputs plus one relay (dry contact)


• Rugged ABS plastic housing
• Optoisolated Transistor
and relay outputs

• Cooling tower/boiler water treatment
• Pacing chemical metering pumps
• Driving multiple pumps, counter timers,
remote totalizers




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