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Sibas rectangular industry connectors are applicable in a widely variety of electrical and electricon applications.such as Power utilities,Robotics, Transportation ,Injection moulding....
China Xiamen Sibas Contact Co.,Ltd (Sibas Contact) was founded in 1998 for develops, manufacturers and sells industry connectors and connector technology in the fields of mechanical engineering, automation technology and power engineering. The company headquarters is now in Xiamen city in South Fujian, China. Sibas Contact operates all over the China and is a local market leader in the areas of heavy duty connectors.
Sibas connectors is in conformance with the standard DIN VDE 0627, VDE 0110 and standards DIN EN 175 301-801. Main series connectors are approval by UL, CE,CSA, ROSH and China compulsory certification.
we are constantly expanding our product lines and solutions. And we are committed to offering the highest quality and best products solving our customers' needs for interconnection and automation.

Sibas Electrical Rectangular Coonector Products


Generally, the complete set of Harting Rectangualr Connector consist of:

1. Insert Terminal, consists of two parts: Insert Male and Female Insert with the number of contact pins varies with the number 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 16, 24, 48 to 120 depending on the needs and resistance to electric current between 10 to 35 Ampere according to requirement.

Sibas Connector Insert Female Sibas Connector Insert Male
Insert Female
Insert Male

2. Hood, the container for installation of Insert Terminal which consists of two models based on the inclusion of the hood to the cable lines, namely the Top Entry (cable entry through the top of the hood) and Side Entry (cable entry through the side of the hood). It is adapted to the application in field based on the direction of connection of connector.

Sibas Connector Hood Side Entry Sibas Connector Hood Top Entry
Hood Side Entry
Hood Top Entry

3. Housing, the container for installation of Insert Terminal and mounted on a panel which consists of three models, namely Surface Mounting, Bulkhead Mounting and Cable to Cable Coupling (which serves as a connection cable)

Sibas Connector Housing Surface Mounting Sibas Connector Housing Bulkhead Mounting Sibas Connector Cable to Cable Coupling
Surface Mounting
Bulkhead Mounting
Cable to Cable Coupling


Standard Model For Industrial Connector From Sibas Connector :

Sibas Connector HA Series


> 3 Contact Pins

> 10 Contact Pins

> 32 Contact Pins


> 4 Contact Pins

> 16 Contact Pins

Sibas Connector HE Series


> 6 Contact Pins

> 10 Contact Pins

> 16 Contact Pins

> 24 Contact Pins

> 32 Contact Pins

> 48 Contact Pins

Sibas Connector HEE Series HEE SERIES  
Sibas Connector HD Series HD SERIES  
Sibas Connector HDD Series HDD SERIES  
Sibas Connector HsB Series


> 6 Contact Pins

> 12 Contact Pins

Sibas Connector HQ Series HQ SERIES  
Sibas Connector HK Series HK SERIES  



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