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The PRO remains the air va lve of choice for critical heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications. The unique operating principle and aerodynamic design make it ideally suited for difficult applications where long term performance is critical to system performance.
Seventy standard sizes provide the ability to select valves over the range of 50 to 12,000 cubic feet per minute. Should greater volumes be required, individual valves can be assembled together to achieve almost any capacity. Construction materials include galvanized or stainless steel casing with aluminum or stainless steel airfoils. Airflow is modulated by a series of expanding airfoils. The airfoil shape contributes to the low pressure loss, significantly reduced discharge noise levels, and low turbulence. Placement of the airfoils provides for a uniform airflow profile across the inlet face and discharge of the air valve. Because modulation is not dependent on bearings, levers, springs, or other mechanical devices, the valve's internal structure may be subjected to the build-up of coatings and particulate, yet operation will not be adversely effected.

Tek-Air PRD Series

A. 6'" x 4'" Rectangular PRD
B. 16'" x 16" Square PRD
C. 8'" Round Fume Hood Valve with factory-mounted Industrial lIP
D. 12'" Round PRD wi th Diamond Sensor and CP-42 Pneumatic Airflow Controller ( PCP1 000 series)
E. 24'" x 10'" Rectangular PRD with integral VorTek airflow (PVT2000 series)
F. 20'" x 10'" Rectangular PRD

PRDs can be used in almost any application where ventilation or exhaust air must be modulated. However, the following applications are examples where the superior capabilities of the PRD are evident. (see Fig. G)
Drawing A. Fume Hood Control - Fume hood exhaust air service is severe because of the presence of vapors, high moisture, accumulating particulate, and corrosive chemicals in the exhaust air. Because the maintenance of the desired face velocity is key to worker safety, the air va lve must operate flawlessly without being adversely effected by these chal lenges.
Drawing B. Laboratory Supply, Makeup, and General Exhaust Control - The wide range of operation, low noise, and high turndown capabi lity make PRD ideal for this application. Also, the large volumetric capabilities of the valves available make it advantageous for labs with large numbers
of fume hoods.
Drawing C. Space Pressurization Control - To operate properly, space pressurization control systems, often
found in clean rooms, require air valves that modulate smoothly, with high turndowns, which are adjustable in very smal l increments.
Drawing D. Constant Velocity Exhaust Discharge Fume hood exhaust systems must discharge into the atmosphere at suff iciently high velocities to insure that fumes are carried away from the building. When variable air volume fume hood controls are used, the volume of air from fume hoods changes and outside air is typically bled into the exhaust plenum to keep the volume of air moving through the fan constant . The ability of the PRD to handle pressure drops, and it's superior modulation characteristics, make it a better alternative to a Blade Damper or Venturi Valve.
Drawing E. Zone Static Control - Often large air distribution and exhaust systems serve mUltiple zones which may be dispersed throughout a building. These zones may experience wide variations in duct static as the volumetric demands throughout the building and the zones change. PRD makes an excellent choice for pressure based zone control in these applications.
Drawing F. Process Control - PRDs are often used in process control applications where the superior performance benefits are required. Some of these applications include tablet coating machines, quench air systems for textiles, film processing, fi lm extrusion, and boiler control.

Tek-Air PRD Series Installation


Tek-Air PRD Dimensional Drawings

Tek-Air PRD Series Drawing
Tek-Air PRD Series Drawing1
Tek-Air PRD Series Drawing2



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