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The SmartLab Controller is designed for direct input fromTek-Air's VorTek Airflow Measuring System with up to 4 sensor probes in one array. The VorTekTransmitter board is mounted on the SmartLab Controller board allowing simple plug-in connection of the VorTekProbe without the need to run power wiring to the probe. The VorTekProbe connects to the controller with a simple plug-in cable available in lengths from 3 to 100 feet. Refer to the VorTek 4000 data sheet for more information.

Tek-Air SLC2000

For tracking total exhaust and supply air
Room pressurization control
Room temperature control
Laboratory and critical environment airflow management

The SmartLab Solution is well suited for all types of educational, government and industrial research facilities and FDA regulated cGMP and GLP areas. It is imperative that a proper air balance be maintained at all times to assure that fumes cannot migrate from lab areas to non-lab areas. When a fume hood sash is closed quickly, its controller will close the exhaust air valve in order to maintain the air balance in the lab. The supply and general exhaust air valves must be modulated almost immediately to track this change in exhaust volume. The SmartLab Controller is used to measure and control Total Exhaust and Supply to provide volumetric synchronization to maintain a design room pressurization at all times.
The SmartLab Controller can be used to control supply airflow into a room in Constant Volume, Variable Volume or Synchronization schemes. Temperature control can be accomplished by modulating the reheat coil and resetting the room airflow..



Power.......................................24 VAC +/- 20%, 12 VA max.
Analog Inputs
Two (2) 4-20 mA current source, two or three-wire,
15 VDC loop exitation power
Two (2) analog, selectable 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC,
or thermistor, two-wire, passive
Analog Outputs
Three (3) selectable 4-20 mA or 2-10 VDC, two-wire
Digital Inputs
Two (2) current sink at 15 VDC
Digital Outputs
Two (2) 24VAC triac, 2.0 Amps max.
Relay Output
One (1) SPDT relay, dry contact,
0.5 Amp contact rating at 24VAC
One (1) port, terminal strip connection, two-wire RS485, ARCnet at 625 Kilobits/sec.*
Operating Temperature
Range..................................+40°F to 130°F
Enclosure............................Enameled steel, NEMA 1,
with external flange mounts
*NOTE: Due to high speed, network requires low cap 12.5pF, 24 AWG shield type CMP (UL) 75C equal to
Windy City #042002


SmartLab Models
SLC2100 Basic unit includes controller.
SLC2200 Basic unit includes controller with VorTek input board (operated with a PVP valve when the controller needs to be mounted remotely).
Lab Interface Modules (LIM2000 or SLI N2) are available for use with the SmartLab series of controllers.
The LIM2000 and the SLI N2 serve as:
• a user interface port for local access to the ARCnet network.
• isolation of the Lab network from the Building Network. (The LIM2000 also serves as a repeater to the ARCnet).
• a room temperature sensor.


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